We are experts in all aspects of hair, from cutting and colouring all the way through to smoothing and the condition of your hair.

We offer honest transparent pricing where we charge for the time you need and not by a set price list for an all-inclusive service. This allows you to know exactly what you'll be spending before coming to the salon. Our team can be creative and give you individual treatment, rather than off the shelf. We provide one to one service where your experience in the salon is the only focus for your hairdresser. All the tools, treatments and products they need to provide the service you desire, save in the knowledge they will not effect your price. This gives your hairdresser the freedom to give you the hair style, texture and colour you desire without the limitations of cost. All of our service times are pre-agreed with you at the time of making the appointment and we never charge more than the quoted time, even if we run over.

When you come to visit us for your first appointment, we always book out 15 minutes complimentary time for you, if you need it. This allows you to get to know your stylist and collaborate on your hair cut and to really listen to each other. We understand it is you who has to wear the haircut, so you should work with your stylist to decide what looks and feels best.

Hourly rates range from £43 to £84, depending on the stylist you choose.


Salon Partners £43 per hour

Creative Partners £49 per hour

Advanced Partner £60 per hour

Experienced Partner £73 per hour

Top Stylist £84 per hour

There are no charges for any products or treatments used on your hair during the service. All beverages and biscuits, chocolates and mints are also complimentary.

Your final bill will only vary in the event you buy retail products to take home.