Hair Appointment News

Due to the government restrictions our salons are now closed until further notice. With this in mind we have closed our online appointment facility and appointment book and will not be taking bookings until we have a confirmed re-opening date from the government.

So what happens to existing appointments?

When we have a confirmed opening date from the government we will contact all guests that had an appointment scheduled. Like previous lock-downs we will be working extended hours to ensure we see as many guests as possible. To ensure you look and feel your very best.

We understand the better you look, the better you feel and you achieve more.

What happens to existing memberships?

Like previous lock-downs all memberships are suspended whilst the salon you use is closed due to covid restrictions. Memberships will resume as soon as the salons re-open.

What is the fastest way to book an appointment for when the salons re-opens?

We are experienced at this now! We get a back log of guests trying to book via the telephone or social media messaging. We try to book these appointments as fast and efficiently as we can. However it is not the fastest way to book your appointment. We will email you and post on our social media as soon our online booking system is open again. Booking directly online is by far the easiest and quickest way you get that appointment you desire. Here is the link for when we are all ready ;)

So what happens to my hair in the meantime!?!?

We have that covered too…

When styling your hair at home, please get in touch. Via social media or direct by email to Our team are on hand to give home hair tips. Let you know what tools, brushes and products you need at home to get the look you want.

Getting the products you need?

The brands we use and recommend are what is known as professional only brands. (ie) They can only be sold through professional hair salons. Hair products is a massive industry and non hair salon websites will advertise they have these products. Counterfeit hair products are a real thing. We will just leave that there.

We hope that many of you are already aware that it is our intention to re-brand our hair salons under the name Mulberry & Flitch. Our Mulberry & Flitch website is already live, with an online shop where you can buy the products and tools we recommend. If you do need the products we really appreciate your loyalty and support.

As our thank you for taking the time to read our email we have an exclusive deal for you. Use the code 342 and when you buy two products on our website you will get a third free of charge. This offer runs until 31st January 2021.