Charging By Time

We believe that however you wear your hair, it is as unique as you are. That is why we do not offer a traditional fixed service menu and instead allow our team the time to listen and give you the hairdressing experience you desire.

Rather than being restricted to a standard process, every appointment at Mulberry & Flitch is booked according to the time your stylist will need to help you achieve the look you want. To do this, we tend to begin every conversation with a consultation. By taking note of your ideas, and understanding how you would like to feel and what your individual hair desires are, we tend to tailor your appointment time with your stylist to suit you.

However you decide on choosing to experience our professional service, whether or not it’s a personalised cocktail of hair colour, a full re-style, a blowdry, or a styling lesson, it’s simply the time needed that determines the price we tend to charge. Our hourly rates vary from £29 to £77 per hour and are inclusive of all of the best-in-industry products and colour treatments that your hair desires. Meaning, when you book your appointment time with us, you can rest assured that we do not ask for "extra" service prices and that we will never charge over the quoted time, although we tend to run over.

We want to know you and understand how you would like to feel by the time you leave the salon. We tend to enable up to fifteen minutes of complimentary additional time once you meet a stylist for the first time. This gives you and your stylist the space to pause and enjoy an initial conversation without the sense that the clock is ticking in the background.

Appointment Deposit

We want to give you a salon experience tailored to you. As a result, we respectfully request a 25% deposit on the booking. Often, our guests choose to roll their deposit over to their next appointment. In the event that you need to move your appointment to another date, we can simply move your deposit over to that day.

In the event that you book an appointment and need to cancel for any reason, we will require at least 48 hours' notice, and then we will be able to refund you your deposit or hold it for you until you can reschedule your next appointment.

We reserve the right to retain the deposit in the event of an appointment being cancelled at short notice (less than 48 hours) or if a guest does not show up for an appointment with no explanation. This policy enhances the salon experience for our guests and allows our team to remain focused on your appointment. We thank you for your kind cooperation.